Trenton TJ Shakespeare is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. He is a laid back guy that transforms into an energetic, swagged out, powerhouse performer. Born from the streets of dance at FSU (Kollage Dance Troupe) and lives through hip hop and urban movements. His style is energy driven, sharp, hard hitting intricate movements, infused with style and grooves. He has been choreographing for 9 years and into his 5th year as a studio instructor. Trenton is co-founder director of i-Move U-Move Dance Workshop Series, currently active as co-director and dancer in WreckLess Dance Crew, co-director of the Hype Family (2 Hype & Lil Hype), Diamond Squad (Choreographer) and RareBreed Dance Company. He has been a guest choreographer for Lavilla SOTA and the Jacksonville Shark Attack Dance team for 3 years running. Also for the Terry Parker Braves Varsity Cheerleading Squad for 2 years earning Best Choreography award in 2014. He's taken 1st Class Athletics to World's Dance Competition 2015 and Bollywood Dance Mania Juniors to Nationals 2015. He has taught for over 5 local studios but currently instructs at Jacksonville Centre of the Arts, Mia Bella Academy of Dance, Britney Boyd's Dance Company and Bollywood Dance Mania. He is also choreographer for young artist Will Harden & The PrimeTime Dancers who are currently working on his Stop The Violence Tour. His works has been presented all over Florida, in Atlanta, Paris and New York City. He also recently produced a collaborative showcase, WreckLess Diamonds, with Mega Mind Productions (April 2017). Trenton has trained through Kollage Dance Troupe (FSU-Tallahassee, FL), A Kavin Grant Productions (Jacksonville, FL), Mega Mind Productions (Jacksonville', FL), Spectrum Dance Factory (Jacksonville, FL), i-Move U-Move (Jacksonville, FL) and Monsters of Hip Hop (Orlando, FL). Also trained a little out in LA at various studios. He believes every time you dance is a chance to grow and reveal something about yourself or to speak directly into someone's life. We are all connected and can grow from one another and he is spreading that love and message one dance at a time.